2019’s Top 10 Content Hits

With 2020 well and truly underway, I’m feeling reflective. A new decade looms…no longer do I qualify for ’30 under 30′ lists or railcards, but I’m trying to see the positive. It’s been a fantastic decade for making headway with my content – here are just a few highlights from 2019.

10. Running the London Marathon for Deafblind UK – April

Running in one of the world’s most iconic marathons is not an opportunity to pass up. I feel hugely privileged to have had this opportunity, which was all down to my client, Deafblind UK. I write for their bi-monthly magazine, Open Hand. When I told them I’d run (at the time) one before, they offered me the chance to fundraise for them. This lighthearted blog post looks at the trials and tribulations of the day…including the record-breaking hot weather.

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9. Six Cultural Insights Your Business Needs to Know About Japan – February

At the turn of 2019, I worked on a short-term content project with research company Tokyoesque. Their aim is to help businesses expand into the Japanese market, advising them on how their products will be perceived. This in-depth research piece looked at previous companies’ attempts to market in Japan and the cultural differences that affected these campaigns.


8. What’s Next for Netflix? – May

This was a whole lot of fun to write. Working with SONA, a luxury home technology installer, I’m privileged to be able to write about all sorts of exciting tech. With a focus on home cinemas, this deep-dive into Netflix discusses what we should expect next as viewers, and how the brand continues to innovate.

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7. Should We Expect Our Readers to Pay for Content? – September

If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know I love a good old read through the Reuters Digital News Report. Published every June, it looks at the way we consume news in more than 30 countries, and our attitudes towards the headlines. It was also the inspiration for this personal post on the value of gated content.

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6. Contingency Planning in an Unpredictable Industry – April

Working in association with travel wholesaler The Group Company, this magazine article featured in the US-based National Tour Association’s Courier magazine. It delves into the potential catastrophes of group travel, even citing one very amusing story from The Group Company team. Long story short – a remote hotel shut down three days before a large group was due to travel. The team stepped up, travelled from York to Devon and did everything, from cooking to entertainment. The moral of the story is to always be prepared, and I’m pleased to say it had a happy ending.

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5. How Important Is Digital Transformation for Your Business? – November

I had the pleasure of meeting the Netsells team back in October, and this was my first assignment. It explores the opportunities before us as marketers to harness digital. From understanding the customer to saving time, this post examines why we should all embrace the new age.

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4. What’s Next for 2020 Marketing Campaigns? – December

After I met the simply fabulous Bright team at BrightonSEO in September, we began working together on some Christmas content. Beyond a few tips on how to create festive campaigns, we also decided to look ahead for 2020. From the Summer Olympics to artificial influencers, here’s how it turned out.

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3. Trending: Young People – November

Another collaboration with The Group Company, I was commissioned to write a piece for Teach and Travel. The title belongs to the US-based Student Youth and Travel Association, looking at new trends and tips for educational travel. I identified the new trends on the horizon, from sustainability to living like a local.

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2. An Honest Account of Anti-Depressants – August

As the name suggests, this is quite a personal one. After a difficult start to the year, I was prescribed a mild selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. This is a first-person insight into the realities of taking medication for mental health, and why there should be no stigma.

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1. Blowing out Someone Else’s Candle Won’t Make Yours Burn Any Brighter – November

I’d call this piece my biggest surprise – and no other piece of content deserves the top spot more. Written at the end of November, it was published on LinkedIn and continues to rack up notifications to this day. I have had countless messages, comments and ‘likes’ – some 120,000 at the time of writing – and even a couple of new clients. When somebody tells you content marketing doesn’t work, show them this!

I find it surprising mainly because it was, quite simply, honest. A stream of consciousness, or rant, if you will, about the perils of social media. The take-home message was that we shouldn’t stew over other people’s success, because it doesn’t make ours any more likely! Apparently, it struck a chord with quite a few people. Happy to be of service.


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Katie Lingo
by Katie Lingo
16th January 2020