Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson – Founder and Content Marketer

Where to begin? Katie’s writing about herself in the third person so…bear with. It all started in the mid-90s when Katie would steal her grandfather’s printer paper and write stories. A lot has changed since then.

As something of an English nerd at school, it comes as no surprise that Katie took to a career in writing. Of course, being a novelist was a little risky, so she pursued journalism instead. This would manifest in the latest scoops for the student newspaper at the University of York (where she met her partner in crime Craig, below).

After graduating, she took editorial assistant roles in local magazines, where she would interview figures such as Simon Schama and Kevin Keegan. In the background, she was beavering away completing a journalism diploma with the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Fast forward to 2014 and things began to change: print media was going digital. The term “content marketing” became mainstream and Katie’s career transitioned to marketing agencies. Here, she honed other skills in search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and conversion rate optimisation.

But it wasn’t enough. She yearned to write more, and created ‘Katie Lingo’ in a pub. A silly, free domain name that would one day become a fully-fledged business. As the freelance side hustle took off, Katie Lingo went full-time. Today, Katie has a second degree with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She partners with agencies daily to support their content marketing demands.

She’s also a keen public speaker, marathon runner, karaoke singer and all-round clown. Such is the curse of extroversion. But behind the clown is a pedant with a penchant for high standards – and you won’t get anything less.

Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor – Co-Founder and Data Analyst

Craig is a fellow Spanish and Linguistics graduate, and long-suffering Peterborough United fan. He met Katie at the University of York, where his love for languages would flourish.

Like many, Craig found his true calling by accident. After graduating, he pursued a career in B2B travel, jet-setting and chatting to hotels throughout Europe and the US. But it would soon become apparent that he was the techy type – and before long, the official “IT guy”.

Building on his natural talent, Craig pursued a Master’s in Computer Science back at the University of York. All the while, he was giving Atlas a run for his money and holding up Katie Lingo. He’d regularly impart his wisdom on business development, helping to grow Katie Lingo from a side hustle to the real deal.

In 2020, Craig went Facebook official. With his natural flair for languages, he was recruited as a writer and soon discovered another passion. (Writing would not let him down as much as Peterborough United, it seems.) Today, he loves the chance to sink his teeth into some meaty subject matter – and the techier, the better.

If that wasn’t enough, Craig’s as much of a whizz with Microsoft Excel as he is Word. He loves a spreadsheet and has helped to develop the data visualisation arm of Katie Lingo. You’ll often find him taking stats from Google Analytics or client CRMs…and turning them into something beautiful.

Though not as much of a karaoke fan as Katie, Craig’s no stranger to the stage. He’s spoken at events such as BrightonSEO and Digital City Festival, imparting his wisdom about data and content. Whether you want words or numbers, Craig’s your man.