Overcoming the challenges of marketing your charity

The digital age has given fundraising a better edge than ever before. According to a study by Campaign Monitor, email marketing for charities is one of the best forms of promoting your cause.

We offer email copywriting to help you gain more donations and increase awareness. This can be anything from a quick donation thank you email to a new push campaign.

Other channels for charity marketing

Of course, the best digital marketing strategy for charities is a varied one. Social media is a great place to start – with 55 per cent of us engaging through this channel (Empower).

Need to get your cause out there? Remember that more than a quarter of us find charities through online search. We have worked with local organisations such as York Against Cancer to produce informative, factual content. Long-form blogs covering cancer screening, sun protection and local support groups all increased their brand awareness.

We’ll help you take a multi-pronged approach to your charity marketing. Blog posts can increase awareness, while social media posts can promote local events. Encourage donations from engaged donors with your email campaigns. It’s all part of the famed ‘marketing funnel’.

Cat charity KL

But it needs to come from the heart.

Fundraising is difficult – truly difficult. You only have to look at the campaign we ran for Deafblind UK to make people reach into their pockets. (Like running a marathon wasn’t enough!)

This is backed up by data. According to Campaign Monitor’s 2021 survey, people will feel more motivated to give to nonprofits when there’s a “compelling need”. And how do we communicate this compelling need? By telling stories, illustrated with images and real human emotion.

It’s an approach we’ve taken to case studies in the past. We partnered up with Ronald McDonald House Charities to interview fundraisers and service users. Woody’s story is just one of many moving stories that showcases the good work the charity does.

We can help you tell that story. Just give us a call today.

“York Against Cancer needed some freelance copywriting support and I was introduced to Katie. Katie is a fabulous writer. Her writing is easy to read and is appealing to various audiences. I would recommend Katie without hesitation. Don’t delay – if you need any copywriting support, contact Katie Lingo!”

– Julie Russell, CEO, York Against Cancer

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