Industry experience

NCTJ and CIM-qualified.

Online and offline

Make your marketing work harder.

Range of publications

Trade mags, travel journals and more.

Publishers KL

From features to proofreading for publishers

The next question is: what kind of publication do you run? Founder Katie trained with the National Council for the Training of Journalists, specialising in Business of Magazines and Production Journalism.

This means we have a bit of a penchant for magazine features, but we’re not fussy. Ask us for help with:

  • Interviews and features for magazines
  • Reporting and ‘news in brief’ articles
  • Guest posts and thought leadership content
  • Ghostwriting and guest chapters for books
  • Advertorials for paying advertisers.

It goes beyond writing the content, too. We also offer proofreading for publishers, specialising in industry reports for the likes of companies such as Vodafone. That Production Journalism module really comes in handy – keeping your content clear, concise and consistent.

You set the brief and we’ll do the rest. We’ll discuss your rates – be they per piece or per word – and come back to you with an estimate. Send us your house style and we’ll get going. Then it’s over to your sub while the printer warms up.

Magazine KL

Online and offline: blurring the lines

Of course, if you’re a modern-day publisher, you’ve more than likely got both a print and online version of your publication. With our background in digital marketing agencies, we can give you a little extra. For example:

Formatting your content

Short paragraphs work best for online readers, while chunky paragraphs are ideal for print. Need both? Not a problem.

Optimising for keywords

Fun, puntastic headlines are great for magazines. If you also need content to rank for SEO, we’ll change up your headings and add targeted keywords.

Factoring in design

Held back by a strict word count? Got images crowding your text? We’ll make it work for you in print – while also considering UX online.

Remember, if you’re making content for marketing purposes, it’s great to use offline and online channels. Get in touch with us if you want experience of both.

Extra, extra!