How do marketing strategies for SMEs work?

The key difference between working for agencies and small businesses is that agencies will have a brief. But that’s not a problem – if you’re an expert in printer ink but an SEO novice, we’ll build your brief for you.

We’ll start with a bit of a SOSTAC analysis, looking at where you’re at and where you want to be. We’ll then draw up a complete marketing plan for you, including:

  • Recommendations for best channels (for example, on-site blogging versus social media content)
  • Keyword research for content ideas (looking at what your customers are searching for)
  • A full content strategy highlighting formats (blogs vs. FAQs, for example) and user intention
  • Justification of channels and their goals (ads to raise awareness, whitepapers to convert warm leads).

You can have this in any format you like – a PDF, an on-site training session or a simple Zoom call. We’ll review it regularly and come back to you with changes based on measurable goals.

Ready to get started?

No jargon

Strategies that speak your language.

Measure what counts

Check in with regular reviews.

Keep it fresh

Long-term content plans.


Content with users in mind.

Cut the fluff

Choose only the best channels.

Learn as you go

Training, Zoom calls and more.

A few snippets of content for small businesses

Small business. Big words.