Privacy Policy

From your first point of enquiry with Katie Lingo Ltd., your data will be treated sensitively, privately and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation laws. Katie Lingo’s registered office is G3, The Raylor Centre, James St, York, YO10 3DW. Our company number is 12890808 and our VAT number is 381675665. We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number ZA397111.

The following privacy policy has been written to be as transparent as possible, avoiding legalese and helping you to understand exactly how we handle your data.

The type of data we collect

We collect only the information that our website visitors/clients provide me with, which is usually:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Business email address
  • Business telephone number

Please note we do not collect any information on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, organisation memberships or medical information. This is not relevant to our business and any information pertaining to this as provided by those who communicate with us will be destroyed.

Data processors and controllers

When you sign up to services with Katie Lingo, you are giving us access to personal information such as your name, email address and/or telephone number. Therefore, as the recipient of this data we can be classed as the data processor, as we process data on your behalf, and you would be the data controller.

Your personal data is used for:

  • Communications between the data processor and controller
  • Research for content marketing services, for example, we may need to search for your company based upon a business address you have given us.

Data is stored within a secure email network as operated by LazenbyBrown Digital.

How your data is processed prior to agreeing a work contract

Those enquiring about our services can get in touch via email at, via mobile at 07447233094 or via our contact form. Any communications via social media will be classed as information that is in the public domain and therefore any profile names/handles etc. will not classify as ‘personal’ data.

When contacting us through a contact form, your personal details are sent to the abovementioned email address. These are then stored indefinitely and are classed as legitimate business interest as you, the data controller, have made the enquiry. Therefore it is lawful for us to contact you on the grounds that you have given consent by enquiring about our business. The same rules apply if you contact us via telephone or email; your details are stored and we will use these to contact you only in regard to forthcoming projects.

Please note, your name will not be added to any mailing lists, nor will any of your personal details, under any circumstances, be passed on to third parties. Your privacy is of paramount importance.

Working with agencies or handling third party data

Occasionally we work with agencies or other small businesses who may have to engage a third party in our communications. For example, an agency may have a copywriting brief on behalf of a client, or a small business owner might advise that we speak to an associate to assist with an article.

In these cases, when the processing of a third party’s personal data is required, you as data controller are also data processor for the third party personal data you are handling. This means that you are responsible for ensuring that the person whose details you are giving us has given you his/her consent – it is your responsibility under GDPR to ensure you have consent to pass us this information. When using third party information to facilitate our work, for example seeing a client’s email address in a content brief, we cannot be responsible for the client’s consent to us having this information. All content briefs are stored indefinitely and can be deleted or retrieved upon request from our clients. Only data which has been previously provided to us by our clients can be retrieved.

Cookies and Google Analytics

When you first visited this website, you will have seen a prompt to warn you that cookies are used on this website. It will also have asked you for your consent.

This site uses cookies to provide tracking data to Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to collect information on the number of visitors to our website, the time of day, the pages they visit, how they found our website, their device and their location. On some websites, such as transactional websites, this data can be used to identify individuals by using information such as transaction ID and linking this to a delivery address.

This is not the case for Katie Lingo. The information collected by Google Analytics is for trends only and in no way can be used to identify individuals.

Under GDPR law, Google have created a ‘data retention’ policy which allows webmasters to set their Google Analytics data to automatically expire after a given period of time. This can be set to ‘do not expire’, however, we have chosen to retain data for 26 months.

Please note, under GDPR, you can now choose to have your user information deleted from Google Analytics. You can find out more about the user deletion tool here.

Recalling your data

Under GDPR, you are within your rights to ask for your data to be deleted and/or retrieved. We will honour all of these requests as we store all personal data provided to us over email indefinitely. You may also ask how this data has been used, how it was obtained and for how long it will be kept on record. We will respond to these requests within the timeframes set by the GDPR.

Third parties

Occasionally, some website plug-ins or other third party tools such as remarketing in Google Ads will use your data, for example through cookies after you have shared a social post from our website. As of 23/05/2018, there are no third party plug-ins other than Google Analytics that can use cookies.

Occasionally we use Google Ads marketing, which can also use tracking cookies to retarget website visitors at a later date. This would class as sending data to a third party. As of 23/05/2018, we do not use retargeting with Google Ads.

Outsourcing work

Very occasionally we will seek the help of other individuals to help with projects, for example, web development. If we have to consult these individuals, we will always obtain your consent beforehand if we need to pass on your personal details, for example, adding you to an email conversation.

The Katie Lingo promise

As part of our ongoing commitment to your privacy and to conform to the laws of GDPR, we promise to:

  • Retain only the personal data that we have been given with consent
  • Update this personal data when it is needed
  • Communicate only with those who have given us consent to do so (this does not include individuals/bodies whose contact details are in the public domain, for example if we have to email a charity about a quote for an article)
  • Disclose to you how your information is being used
  • Delete data on your request
  • Delete Google Analytics data after 26 months
  • Store data in secure systems such as email networks and use secure contact forms on a domain with a valid SSL certificate
  • Ensure your data is never ‘leaked’ to third parties

If you have any questions about anything written in this privacy policy, please contact Katie Lingo today.