Website copywriting

Arguably the most sought-after copywriting service, this is all about making those landing pages sparkle. Your webpage has a purpose – with the right content design and calls to action, you’ll guide visitors through to the next step.

Micro copy

Not as cute as micro pigs, but just as teeny. You know those heart-warming little messages on the bottom of your cereal bar? Somebody writes those. We’d love to write yours and show off your cheeky side.

Paid advertising

We live in a 280-characters-or-fewer world. How can you make people buy with so little space? Paid advertising platforms don’t make it easy. That’s our job. Get in touch for big things in small packages.

Printed media

Print ain’t dead, and neither is your copy. Whether it’s a flyer for a trade show or a full-blown brochure, we’ve got your back. Want to collaborate? Pair us up with your designer for a little added value.

Email copywriting

You’ve done the hard part: they’ve signed up. Now give them a reason to stay. Strong email copywriting treats readers as individuals, whether it’s an InMail or a newsletter. Speak to the humans – not the spam box.


Whether it’s part of a magazine package or blown up on a billboard, add personality with a strong advertorial. Keep it simple with killer slogans or reel them in with the best of your brand.

Katie Thompson

What does a professional copywriter do?

A professional copywriting service is there to make your brand look good. But of course, there’s so much more to it than that. A true copywriter understands that it’s not all about the brand but the reader. It comes down to three little words:

Show. Don’t tell.

We can’t give you all the tricks of the trade (we’d have to kill you), but we can tell you how Katie Lingo does it:

  1. The brief: understanding who you are. This isn’t so you can tell people how wonderful you are – but so you can tailor your language to solve their problems.
  2. The mission: understanding what you what them to do. In most cases, this is buying, but it could also be filling out a form, downloading a file, even picking up a phone. In fancy pants terms, we want them to convert.
  3. The format: picking one of the above, like a landing page, Google Ad or flyer, and designing copy accordingly. It’s not just about how it sounds, but how it looks.
  4. The magic: where tricks are best copywriting practices, of course. Here we focus on benefits, not features. We talk to the reader and we avoid the waffle.
  5. The call to action: the crucial moment, the summit, the final chorus. This is your chance to make the reader act. Small words. Big impacts.

Put it together and what have you got? Bibbedy bobbedy boo. Or, more importantly, copy that makes people do what you want them to do – without a gun to their head.