Technical Writing Services

Katie Lingo: Your freelance technical writer

At Katie Lingo, we’ve covered lots of techy topics. Our very own Craig Taylor has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and loves diving into AI, software, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

But this technical knowledge only helps us understand the subject better. The most important thing? Taking the techy stuff and turning it into accessible, compelling, easy-to-digest English.

After all, a complex subject doesn’t have to mean a dull or confusing end-user experience. Our technical writing services keep your audience — the human reader — in mind.

Writing skills aside, bringing a freelance technical content writer onto your project brings other benefits:

  • A blend of technical and marketing backgrounds. The perfect mix of tech-savvy and linguistic prowess
  • Flexibility. No long-term commitments. Outsourcing by the project or ask about our retained services pricing
  • Speed. Tight deadline? In-house team swamped? Experienced technical writers here to step in and get the job done
  • SEO-optimised web content that helps your page attract the right visitors.
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What technical documentation do you need?

Technical writing involves many skill sets — from digital marketing and copywriting to guides and tutorials. In the past, we’ve helped small businesses, medium-sized companies and global organisations with their technical content creation, including:

  • High-quality technical blog and landing page copy
  • Knowledge base, online help and FAQ documentation services
  • SaaS features, technical information and competitor comparison pages
  • API and software documentation, and instruction manuals
  • Technical author thought leadership pieces, whitepapers and case studies
  • Technical manuals, templates and standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Thorough end-to-end user guides.


From complex to clear

Technical writing services offer more than just words on a page. Done well, they help your readers genuinely understand and engage with your service. With a knowledgeable yet human approach, your key messages will reach their target audience with clarity.

Ready to start? Get in touch and let’s make the complex clear.