White paper writing services

How our white paper content writing services work

White papers tend to be long-form content, ranging from around 2,500 to 10,000 words. When you give us your brief, we’ll ask you a few questions:

  • What’s the aim of your white paper? Are you showcasing a product, optimising for search engines or tackling an issue in your industry?
  • How much data can you provide us with? Would you like us to conduct any particular in-depth research as part of the writing process, or even tackle some technical writing?
  • Which case studies could help strengthen your story?
  • Who’s lending their voice to your white paper? Do you need us to interview subject matter experts or thought leaders?
  • How will you distribute your white paper to your target audience – in print, social media, online or everywhere?
  • Do you have any specific project management needs or in-house contacts?

Once you receive your first draft, we’ll go through any revisions or edits with you. Your white paper writing services also include clear annotations for where any graphs or illustrations should go, plus links to the data. (We’re not graphic designers but have plenty of freelancer contacts who can help you out.)

Effective white papers take longer than other types of content creation – they go in-depth and may have more proofreaders than usual – but they’re worth it. They can serve as a lead generation magnet, push customers down the ‘funnel’ and position you as an industry expert. Especially if you work with talented writers.

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