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The brief:

Peanut offers an online community for women to connect online, navigating their way from fertility through to pregnancy and menopause. Its aim is to bring mothers together and reduce the stigma attached to the loneliness these women experience.

In May 2021, the website had around 50,000 monthly visitors. Peanut wanted to increase its website traffic and sign up more mobile users. The team wanted to tackle common issues that parents face, from conception and fertility issues to baby names.

We were tasked with a “publishing velocity” project wherein we would produce a large number of blog posts discussing these topics. The posts would internally link to transactional pages and other helpful discussions. Using the right short and long-tail keywords, our content would bring in more visitors.

The method:

Guided by Peanut’s SEO team, we conducted keyword research to find a mixture of evergreen and topical content ideas for new parents. The team gave us themes and general FAQs to explore, which in turn would present new keywords and angles.

We created a content bank addressing a range of topics including:

  • Baby names
  • Fertility
  • Relationships.

In total, we created 50 pieces, each focusing on low, medium and high-traffic keywords. We produced these in a short space of time – around six weeks – to meet the “publishing velocity” requirements.

The work included research into topics, adding relevant FAQs as headings, placing high-volume keywords in all tags and meta data, and general quality control.

The results:

All blogs were written, quality checked and published by July 2021. We continued to monitor the performance of the site in the following months.

By September 2021, the Peanut website ranked for a further 80,000 organic keywords – an increase of 140 per cent. This translated to website traffic, reaching 700,000 per month by September – an increase of 1,400 per cent.

As of July 2022, the Peanut website now receives 2.8 million visitors per month. The incredible impact of this project served as the theme for a talk at BrightonSEO in 2021 – discussing the benefits of “publishing velocity”.

In particular, the 50 posts we produced account for around 7 per cent of the site’s entire traffic, or 180,000 visits per month. All of them rank on page one of Google, with an average position of 2.72. Within these, nine posts rank in position #1, and five have a featured snippet. As an example, our post on Indian baby names is solely responsible for 18,000 visitors per month.

Mobile app users have risen by a million in a year, taking them to 2.5 million in July 2022. Perhaps the best outcome for us was everything we learned – but we couldn’t be happier for Peanut!

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Katie Lingo
by Katie Lingo
10th May 2021

Project Details

Client: Peanut

Skills: Blogging

Date: 3rd May 2021

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Project Info

Peanut is a mobile app with an accompanying website. It aims to connect fellow mothers and help reduce the ‘stigma’ attached to the loneliness many mothers experience.

Vital Statistics

> 1400% website traffic increase in September 2021
> 2.8 million visitors per month as of July 2021
> All blogs produced by Katie Lingo ranking on page 1