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First things first. Why do you need to blog?

  • To share your news and views with your customers
  • To let search engines know your site is still active
  • To answer your customers’ questions
  • To showcase your expertise
  • To sell!

Blogging should be part of a consistent content marketing strategy to keep your brand living and breathing.

Anybody can blog…but no two blog posts are the same. It’s about balancing those human and search engine needs.

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Blog writing agency. Human touch.

Think of your viewers as two segments: the humans and the machines. Yes, in an ideal world, the machines would complement the humans – and for the most part, they do – but there are considerations we need to make for each.

Blog writing can serve to inspire, entertain, educate or sell. Blog posts are shareable, giving you a chance to showcase your expertise on social media or build links back to your site. Drop a controversial opinion piece and watch the commenters come running.

Blog writing for SEO

And now for those robots – the robots that are serving us humans, of course. Blogging keeps your website content fresh, signalling to Google that you’re ahead of the game.

If you’re blogging with SEO in mind, give us a shout. We’ll conduct keyword research and put together a content strategy that targets customers from all angles. Informational. Transactional. Navigational. Just no keyword stuffing of any kind.

No niching here…

Learning about your sector is all part of the fun, but chances are we’ve covered it already. Bring on the research, the interviews, the formatting. We’re ready to go.

The choice is yours.

Whether it’s news and views or ranking for specific terms, blogging helps you do both. We’ll help you build a consistent content strategy – or follow one you’ve built. Just send us a brief and we’ll fill in the gaps.


What can blog writing do for you?

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